Wyze Thermostat Review (2024)

If you are searching for a top-tier smart thermostat on a budget, then we think this is a wise choice

We noticed that this thermostat is missing one noticeable feature prevalent in the very top-tier of these products: adaptive learning. This thermostat offers plenty of scheduling features but it won't adapt to your routine. We don't think this is a huge deal, particularly since this model costs less than half as much as many of these learning models.

Performance Comparison

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Ease of Use

Our first round of tests for these WiFi-enabled thermostats rated and scored their overall user-friendliness and ease of use. We looked at the amount of time it took for the initial configuration, how easy it is to adjust or hold the current temperature, set a schedule, or change any of the advanced settings. The Wyze is about average in our minds, earning it a score in the middle of the group.

The initial setup process for the Wyze can be a bit confusing, as it doesn't automatically provide you with prompts once you hook it up to power. This thermostat just displays the logo and forces you to read the instructions to determine the next steps.

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This model will automatically set the time and date through your internet connection and address once you have it connected to your network. Unfortunately, you can only set the schedule through the smartphone app and are unable to change it directly on the thermostat. However, we liked the mechanical dial on the front of the thermostat that you can use to easily adjust the temperature. It has a nice tactile feel that we vastly preferred to model that solely relied on touchscreens.

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We like that temperature is clearly displayed in a large font when selecting the desired target and the background will change color for a quick visual indicator if the thermostat is heating or cooling. It will also give you a time estimate for how long it will take to reach the target temperature, with the accuracy of this improving over time. This adjusted temperature is then held until a date or time you select or the next event in the schedule. You can also turn the fan off and on if you have one, separate from the schedule.

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However, the thermostat will only show the target temperature in a large font when it's idle, with the actual temperature shown in a fairly minuscule font at the upper left. The advanced settings, like temperature and humidity corrections, are also easy to access, especially since this thermostat is on the whole, a very simple model to operate. You can also lock it so the temperature can only be adjusted from the mobile app if you want a little more control over who can change the temperature if it is installed in a public space.

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We also love the maintenance reminders on this product. You can input different filters and sizes, as well as their % of usage and expected lifetime and the Wyze will remind you when it's time to change them to keep your HVAC system running at peak performance.

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Install & Support

Our next metric rated and scored each thermostat on the amount of work it took to go from unboxing one of these products to getting it successfully installed on the wall and hooked up to your heating and cooling system. We found the Wyze Thermostat to be one of the easier models to install, earning it a score in the upper portion of the group.

However, the Wyze got off to a slightly rocky start in this metric. We emailed a photo of our wire configuration to the manufacturer of each thermostat asking for guidance on how to set up. Not only did we experience quite a delay in getting a response, but the technical support team would not give us specific instructions for our installation — something many other manufacturers would.

Fortunately, Wyse provides plenty of very detailed and informative documentation explaining just about everything you need to get this thermostat installed in a variety of different homes.

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They also usually have an additional video for each step to show you exactly what to do if you get lost. The base plate also has an integrated level to ensure you don't mount it crooked.

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We also found the WiFi setup to be quite easy. You download the app and create an account on your phone, then connect to the thermostat via Bluetooth.

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Once you have done that, you just select the network and enter the password and you are all set.

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Remote Access

Our next round of tests looked at the companion app for each of these smart thermostat and scored each product on the various features and functions offered. We awarded points based on the overall ease of use of the app, how easy it is to set a schedule, and make adjustments to the temperature via the app. The Wyze Thermostat again did quite well, earning it one of the better scores of the group.

All in all, we found the mobile app to be straightforward and easy to use. The various menus and options are laid out in an intuitive and easy to locate way. There are a bit more settings that you can access via the app than through the interface on the thermostat but we didn't find it to be too overwhelming.

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The schedule gives you the option to set temperatures for home, away, and sleeping and then assign times for those different modes. It has some preset temperatures for these modes to get you going but we found it's very easy to customize those without a ton of work. Overall, it's one of our favorites when it comes to setting a schedule. It's also very easy to adjust the temperature, with a touch dial showing up on screen that is reminiscent of the physical dial on the thermostat. It can be a little sensitive and easy to overshoot your desired setting but isn't too bad once you get the hang of it. Additionally, you also can enable a fully automatic mode to keep the temperature in a certain range, with the thermostat switching between heating and cooling to maintain that.

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For our last test, we looked at the accuracy of each thermostat by comparing their measured temperature with a calibrated digital thermometer placed in the same room. The Wyze did alright but definitely wasn't one of the more accurate models that we have seen, earning it a score in the middle of the group.

Based on the results of our tests, we found this thermostat to usually be about a degree higher than our control thermometer. It would also then usually round up to the nearest whole degree. However, you can adjust the temperature calibration on this thermostat to get it closer if you care about having a thermostat that is as accurate as possible.


When it comes to giving you the most bang for the buck, we think it is genuinely hard to beat the Wyze Thermostat. It offers all-around great performance and holds its own with other top-tier products that cost significantly more.


If you are searching for a smart thermostat on a budget or if your heating and cooling system requires multiple thermostats, then we think the Wyze Thermostat is one of the best options out there. It's easy to use and fairly easy to install, with a comprehensive set of remote access features, and is quite accurate.

Wyze Thermostat Review (2024)


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