Free Eurovision Printables & Party Ideas (2024)

As I’ve mentioned before here on the blog, we are major Eurovision Song Contest fans in this house and can’t wait to watch this year’s Grand Final tomorrow night. If you too love all things Eurovision, then I’ve got the perfect freebie for you. I’ve updated my Eurovision Quiz from a couple of years ago, and added an additional picture round. I’ve also created matching Eurovision Score Sheets and Eurovision Bingo Cards, to make your Eurovision night go that little bit further. Plus I’ve got a few party tips to share. All the printables are free to download, but if you’d like to support me with a small donation to help keep this blog running, it would be much appreciated. Just hit the ‘support‘ button at the end of this post. Thank you! So, are you ready?

Eurovision Party Decor

Free Eurovision Printables & Party Ideas (1)

Flags of Europe are the obvious choice here. If you can get your hands on some pre-made bunting, which will serve you for years to come, that would be the easiest way. But if it’s too late to get hold of any for this year, you could either print some off the internet, or – a more printer friendly version – why not get the kids involved in drawing some. You can squeeze in a little geography lesson as a bonus!

Eurovision Party Food

Free Eurovision Printables & Party Ideas (2)

When we’ve had Eurovision parties in the past, we had each guest bring a dish from a different country, which was always lots of fun. Due to obvious reasons (I’m looking at you, Covid pandemic) big parties are still off the table this year and it will just be a family affair, so we are having a European cheese board with 7 different cheese from 7 different European countries. I’ve got the kids to help me make wee flags to stick in them.

The Warm-Up

Eurovision Playlist

To get in to party mode, a playlist with Eurovision winners – and other notable entries – from previous years is a must! I’ve compiled a playlist of my favourites on Spotify, if you want to tune in, with ABBA, Lulu, Bucks Fizz, Katrina and the Waves, Conchita Wurst, Nicole, Dana International, Lordi, and Charlotte Nilsson to name just a few. And yes, I still think that The Ark and Texas Lightning were both robbed of a win (and are of course also included in my playlist).


Eurovision Quiz

Free Eurovision Printables & Party Ideas (3)

Another fun way to get warmed up for the big event itself, is a good old quiz. I’ve updated my Eurovision Song Contest Quiz from a couple of years ago, and also added another round. The three rounds now include: Questions about Europe, Eurovision Trivia, and a picture round with flags of Europe.



The Viewing

Eurovision Sweepstake

Up the ante, and have a Eurovision sweepstake. Everyone picks the name of a country performing in the Grand Final out of a hat, and the person with the winning country gets a wee prize. With 26 countries taking part in the finale, you may not have enough people to pick one each, especially not this year, but you could either team up with friends who are also watching, even if you’re not together, or just pick several countries each. There will only be the four of us this year, so we’ll be picking a handful of countries each and I’ve bought a wee trophy for a couple of quid for the winner (if one of the boys wins and I’m feeling generous, I may pop a small pocket money bonus inside the trophy).

Eurovision Score Card

Free Eurovision Printables & Party Ideas (4)

It’s much more fun watching the performances if you hand out your own scores. We’ve been doing this for years, but for this year I’ve designed some free Eurovision Song Contest Score Cards, with the categories we like to rate: song (i.e. how good is the actual song); outfit (or outfits, if they have a costume change half way through!); performance (this could cover anything from whether they are in tune, to dance routines), and staging (props, lighting, special effects etc). Give marks out of 5 for each category, tot up the scores, and then see who your top 3 acts are and compare to the votes they actually get.

(Update for 2022: There are only 25 countries in the finale this year, as the host country is also one of the Big Five, but you can still use the same score card – just leave out the final row)


Eurovision Bingo

Free Eurovision Printables & Party Ideas (5)

Another fun thing to do, while watching the performances, is to play Eurovision Bingo. I’ve designed some free Eurovision Song Contest Bingo Cards for you to download. There are 12 different cards in total, each of them slightly different so that there are no repeats if you are playing with a larger group. You could either use these with family at home, or share with friends who are also watching but are maybe not with you. We’re using gummy bears to mark the categories we get, but you could use marshmallows, chocolate buttons, or anything else you fancy. If you get a BINGO you get to eat your sweets.


So, here’s hoping you all have a great Eurovision night! If you use any of my printables and want to share photos of your party, I would love to see them – feel free to tag me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

One last thing. I’m offering all these printables for free, because I want to share the Eurovision love. However, if you would like to support me with a small donation, which helps to keep this blog running, it would be much appreciated. Just hit the support button below. Thank you x

Free Eurovision Printables & Party Ideas (2024)


How to make Eurovision fun at home? ›

If you're having a Eurovision-themed party in the classroom or at home, add an extra fun element and ask people to dress up! You could ask people to dress up in a traditional outfit from a country taking part in the competition, or even just something sparkly to fit in with the general aesthetic of Eurovision!

How to decorate for an Eurovision party? ›

Eurovision Party Decorations

A good tip for this kind of event is to not overcomplicate things, flags are a simple yet effective décor for international events like Eurovision and the Olympics. Flag bunting or larger flags are perfect for decorating the room or outside area where your party will be!

How to do an Eurovision sweepstake? ›

Not sure how to perform a Eurovision Sweepstake? No worries, we've included some handy instructions too. Simply put, each person that is joining the sweepstake picks a country at random. They can then Fly the Flag for their sweepstake country and cheer them on in hope that their act wins the most points.

Has anyone famous won Eurovision? ›

Widespread recognition from winning the song contest has been instrumental in launching several successful music careers, such as those of ABBA (winner of the 1974 contest), Céline Dion (1988), and Måneskin (2021).

How to throw an Abba party? ›

Simple things like flowers, balloons and streamers are a good place to start, making use of 1970s colours and styles. You could also hang up posters of ABBA or even buy cardboard cut outs of them, so it feels like they're really at your party!

Do Eurovision contestants get paid? ›

Most of the times, they aren't paid by their broadcaster let alone by the EBU, but their expenses are generally covered for by the country or by a sponsor.

Are there themes for Eurovision? ›

Alongside the generic Eurovision logo, a unique theme is typically developed for each event.

What are the Eurovision song rules? ›

How the Eurovision Song Contest works
  • Songs must be original and no more than 3 minutes in length.
  • Lead vocals must be performed live.
  • No more than 6 performers can take to the stage during any one performance.

What happens at the Eurovision party? ›

Each year, artists from all around Europe appear at our press event and concert to promote their song before the contest in May. We provide an exclusive, high-end and unique environment for Eurovision acts to perform and socialise with one another — often for the first time!

How to sing at Eurovision? ›

To take part in the Eurovision Song Contest, you need to win a national selection or be selected by one of the participating broadcasters. Everything starts with sending in your song! Note that most broadcasters set their deadlines to submit songs somewhere between September and December.

How does a sweepstake work? ›

A sweepstakes or giveaway is all about chance: after everyone has entered, a winner is chosen randomly. A contest is more than a random chance to win: each entrant has to demonstrate some sort of skill or talent and judges pick a winner based on pre-set criteria.

What is the most successful Eurovision song? ›

Domenico Modugno - Nel Blu, Dipinto Di Blu

This Sanremo winner managed a third-place finish at the third Eurovision Song Contest in 1958. But despite the fact that 64 more Contests have followed since, Nel Blu, Dipinto Di Blu remains arguably the most famous Eurovision song of them all!

Who is the only person to win Eurovision twice? ›

But before there was the Queen, there was the King. Ireland's Johnny Logan was crowned after becoming the first contestant to win the competition twice with his 'What's another year?' and 'Hold me now' entries. Logan won both as a singer in 1980 and 1987 and as a composer in 1992.

What is the non drinking game for Eurovision? ›

Song Charades

Write the names of iconic Eurovision tunes on small pieces of paper and put them into a hat. Each person takes a turn picking a song and then acting out the song's title or lyrics without speaking. The first team to guess the correct song gets a point.

Is Eurovision family friendly? ›

"The contest itself has no age limit and millions of kids watch the final each year," it said. "However, there can be some racy performances, so it's up to you whether you think it's appropriate for your kids."

Is autotune allowed at Eurovision? ›

That performance must take place live, and without manipulation. Autotune can be used as a sound effect on parts of a song, but we do not allow it to correct the tone of the lead singer or the lead choir throughout the song.

How to host an Eurovision watch party? ›

Turn your lounge, kitchen or dining room into a fusion of international decor, complete with flag bunting, balloons and napkins to represent the different finalists. Add a few green, white and red banners for the host country too, plus lights around the TV so you feel like you're watching from the Pala Olimpico.


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