Eurovision Song Contest 2024: The best parties taking place across Manchester (2024)

Just like clockwork, it's that time of year again when Eurovision fever truly sweeps all over the nation in anticipation for what is set to be a memorable evening of music, awkward language barriers, and spectacular outfits.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 is already underway, with the first semi-final taking place last night. But the grand final on Saturday evening (May 11) is just around the corner and will see 26 acts compete in the ultimate music contest to try and win fame and glory, as well as a pretty nifty trophy.

Taking place in Malmö in Sweden, following Loreen's triumphant win with Tattoo in Liverpool last year, the event is set to feature an assortment of performers as well as a Swedish twist to proceedings. The country has won the contest five times, with their first win coming in 1974 thanks to ABBA's megahit Waterloo.

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Representing the United Kingdom this year will be Years & Years frontman and It's A Sin star Olly Alexander with his song Dizzy, which, if the teasers are anything to go by, is set to be a very dramatic and engaging performance. Like Germany, France, Italy, Spain and host nation Sweden, the UK automatically made it through to the final - with the rest of the grand final's performers having had to successfully get through their semi-final first.

As always, Eurovision fans celebrate the contest in a number of ways whether that it through house gatherings (with individual point systems for each attendee), or all-out parties and events. Thankfully, Manchester is one of the best places to be when it comes to celebrating Eurovision.

Eurovision Song Contest 2024: The best parties taking place across Manchester (1)

This year, there are plenty of viewing parties, silent disco events, DJ takeovers and quiz nights where you can root on your favourite performers, dress up in spectacular fashion and just have a generally amazing Eurovision-themed time. We've rounded up just a handful of some of the events taking place in the city and beyond.

Iconic Bar

For anyone who wants wall-to-wall coverage of the week’s events, Iconic Bar is the place for you. The venue is hosting viewing parties for both semi-finals on Tuesday 7th and Thursday 9th. They’ll be providing scorecards and flags for you to get behind your favourite countries.

For the big final on Saturday, they’ll kick off the night the same way, then everyone is invited for a huge party afterwards, where you can dance your heart out to all the Eurovision classics till the early hours. And, best of all, entry for this event is completely free! Although it is set to be very popular so it’s worth securing a ticket in advance.

Iconic Bar, 29 Richmond Street, Manchester, M1 3NB.

Walking Silent Disco Adventure

If you just cannot wait till 7pm on Saturday to celebrate the final, why not book on the Eurovision Silent Disco Adventure trail during the day. Beginning at the fountains outside the Corn Exchange, you will then be guided by your charismatic Disco Hosts to boogie your way across Manchester City Centre. For one day only, your headphones will be streaming everybody’s favourite Euro-pop hits from across the years.

The tour lasts an hour and is the perfect way to celebrate Eurovision whilst soaking up the sunshine. This is a great option for families, as children are welcome for a discounted rate. Book here.

Eurovision Song Contest 2024: The best parties taking place across Manchester (2)

The co*ckatoo Club

Offering a classier way to watch all three Eurovision shows, is the co*ckatoo Club on Richmond Street. A Cabaret and co*cktail bar with a distinctly 1920s feel, this venue will allow you to enjoy the performances in style. Indulge in table service all night, serving a wide selection of charcuterie boards and classic co*cktails.

This club will be screening the events on Tuesday 7th, Thursday 9th and the grand finale on Saturday 11th. Each night promises an after-show party, playing all your favourite Eurovision classics. You can pre-book tables for free via their Facebook page.

The co*ckatoo Club, 20 Richmond Street, Manchester, M1 3ND.

Malaga Drift Coffee Lounge & Bar, Eccles

Another option for the big Saturday night final is Malaga Drift’s Eurovision Party. Here you’ll have the opportunity to get stuck in with a quiz and bingo. There will also be a raffle, so plenty of prizes are up for grabs throughout the evening.

Fancy dress and good fun are on the agenda, so bust out your sequins and get ready to dance!

Malaga Drift Coffee Lounge & Bar, 1 Church Street, Eccles, Salford, M30 0DL.

Freight Island

With the weather on Saturday expected to be the best so far, why not enjoy the Eurovision festivities in Manchester’s biggest and best open-air food hall. You can gather round to watch the show on a giant screen, whilst enjoying all the great food and drink Freight Island has to offer.

You will feel part of the party here, with DJs and performers to keep you entertained all night long. There will also be plenty of opportunities for your own time in the spotlight with mass-karaoke on offer. This is, again, free to book online in advance.

Freight Island, 11 Baring Street, Manchester, M1 2PZ.

Eurovision Song Contest 2024: The best parties taking place across Manchester (3)

Eagle Bar

Is Eurovision your specialist subject? Well, seize the opportunity to flex your euro-pop knowledge this Thursday (May 9). If three live shows in one week isn’t enough for you, Eagle Bar is offering a very special ‘Let’s Get Quizzical with Lola’ show on Thursday night.

If your Eurovision trivia is up to scratch, you could win a £50 jackpot! With entry costing only £3, drum up a team of up to 6 people to win the prize and have a great time.

The Eagle Bar, 15 Bloom Street, Manchester, M1 3HZ.

Bar Pop

At the heart of Canal Street, this club will be hosting a viewing party on Saturday 11 May. With doors opening at 7pm, you will have plenty of time to get seated and get comfortable before the action starts.

After the show, their weekly DIVAS Cabaret Showcase will commence, so you can get some of that Eurovision glamour in person. If you’re in the mood for a good party, this place, and the crowds it draws every weekend will not disappoint. More details here.

Bar Pop, 10 Canal Street, Manchester, M1 3EZ.

Various Cinemas

If going out on the town isn’t for you this year, but you still want to spend your Saturday night out of the house, cinemas across the country will be streaming the Saturday night final Live. Enjoy the comfort of your local cinema and your favourite movie time snacks whilst watching the best Europe has to offer battle it out for the win.

Participating Manchester Cinemas: Everyman Manchester St, Johns, Vue Manchester Printworks, Cineworld Didsbury, The Light Cinema Stockport, Everyman Altrincham, The Light Cinema Bolton, Cineworld Warrington, Vue Preston. More details here.

Eurovision Song Contest 2024: The best parties taking place across Manchester (2024)


Who won Eurovision 2024 so far? ›

During the May 11 final in Malmö, Sweden, Switzerland's Nemo was crowned the 2024 winner with “The Code.”

Who did the UK vote for Eurovision 2024? ›

OLLY Alexander finished in 18th place in the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday night with 46 points as the UK public gave 12 points to Israel's entry Eden Golan. Switzerland's Nemo finished in first place with 591 points, while Croatia's Baby Lasagna was given 574 points.

How many points did England get in Eurovision 2024? ›

Britain's entry, Olly Alexander, finished in 18th place with 46 points after he was awarded zero in the public vote.

Who is the biggest winner of Eurovision Song Contest? ›

Facts and figures for the Eurovision Song Contest. Ireland won a record 7 times, Luxembourg, France and the United Kingdom 5 times. Sweden and the Netherlands won 4 times. ABBA is the most successful Eurovision Song Contest winner.

Who got the most public votes in Eurovision 2024? ›

This year, Israel's performance earned the most amount of public love out of the entrants, receiving a full 12 points from the public in 15 countries.

Where did Israel come in Eurovision 2024? ›

Overall, Israel's Eden Golan finished fifth out of the 25 competitors in the Eurovision grand final this year.

Did UK ever won Eurovision? ›

The United Kingdom made its debut in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1957. To date, the UK has won the Eurovision Song Contest 5 times. The UK has also finished second a record 16 times and also has the record for the longest-running string of Top 5 placings.

Who won the Eurovision public vote? ›

Croatia takes the lead with 547 points

Cheers erupt in the arena as Croatia's public vote results push them into first place with 547 points. France and Switzerland's results still need to be announced.

Who got 0 points in Eurovision 2024? ›

Olly Alexander's father said he was surprised audiences "did not connect" with his son's song at the Eurovision. Olly, who represented the UK with his song Dizzy, received zero points from the public vote and finished 18th overall at the Malmo Arena in Sweden.

Where did Ireland finish in Eurovision 2024? ›

Switzerland's Nemo was crowned the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 winner following an eventful day in Malmö, Sweden, while Ireland's Bambie Thug finished sixth place.

Has UK ever not been in Eurovision? ›

Its first participation was at the second contest, in 1957, and it has entered every year since 1959.

What is the most successful Eurovision song ever? ›

Domenico Modugno - Nel Blu, Dipinto Di Blu

This Sanremo winner managed a third-place finish at the third Eurovision Song Contest in 1958. But despite the fact that 64 more Contests have followed since, Nel Blu, Dipinto Di Blu remains arguably the most famous Eurovision song of them all!

Who is the youngest singer to win Eurovision Song Contest? ›

Youngest winner ever

The winner of the song contest was the 13-year-old Sandra Kim, who sang J'Aime La Vie. She actually had told the producers of the show that she was 15 year old.

Did the Beatles do Eurovision? ›

Groups were first allowed to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1971, a year after the Beatles broke up, so even if they had wanted to participate, the Fab Four wouldn't have been eligible during their active years.

Where is the Eurovision 2024? ›

How many points did Israel get in Eurovision 2024? ›

Overall, Israel received 323 televote points, just behind Croatia's 337 points, and ahead of Ukraine's 307 points from the public. Croatia got top marks from nine countries and Ukraine from seven.

Who won Eurovision last night? ›

Switzerland has won Eurovision, topping the leaderboard in a competition fraught with last-minute changes and backstage incidents.


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