Eurovision Bingo Cards 2024 — Weeno Social | Party Planning Made Easy (2024)

Eurovision Bingo Cards 2024 — Weeno Social | Party Planning Made Easy (1)

Eurovision 2024 is right around the corner and I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time we get the games sorted!

Your Eurovision Party Checklist

Whilst we’re on the subject, do make sure you have the complete night sorted. Here at Weeno, we’ve put together everything you would possibly need to host the most epic Eurovision party. So once you’ve got these Eurovision bingo cards downloaded and printed or sent to your friends, it’s time to check out the following;

  • The FULL Eurovision pack with score cards, drinking games and co*cktail recipes.

  • Eurovision Fashion Guide

  • Eurovision Drinking Games

  • 6 Steps to Hosting an Epic Eurovision Party

And with that being said, here are those bingo cards…

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6x Eurovision 2024 Bingo Cards | Instant Download Print at Home

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Celebrate Eurovision 2024 in style with these 6 print at home Eurovision bingo cards made SPECIFICALLY for 2024.

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How To Play Eurovision Bingo

The rules are simple. That pack contains 6 cards, simply print them off, cut them out and pass them around (I recommend using card stock but you can absolutely get away with paper).

The cards have been made specifically for 2024 using what we have seen so far to predict what will likely come our way.

Match what you see on the T.V with your card, then dab it, cross it or circle it. The aim is to cross of everything on your Eurovision bingo card to win.

You may also notice the middle block is empty. That's for you to write whatever you want.

Eurovision Bingo Cards 2024 — Weeno Social | Party Planning Made Easy (3)

What do you win?

What you win is completely up to you and your group. Money? Respect? Honour for you and your family? I don’t see why not…

You can also award prizes for if anyone manages to get a full line (horizontally or vertically) such as everyone else has to do a shot. Which by the way, if you’re going down the drinking route, don’t forget to check out our Eurovision 2024 drinking games and these Eurovision shot recipes.

Why Use Our Eurovision Bingo Cards?

In the pack you get 6 different cards. If you have more then 6 people in your group, firstly, lucky you, you popular so and so. Secondly, we recommend grouping up and/or just doubling up on the cards. Now as for why you want to use our Eurovision bingo cards, well that is because we are the party planning experts.

This is Weeno after-all. We spent a long time going through every act of this years Eurovision in order to put together the bingo cards that will make it the most fun specifically for 2024. Have faith in us.

Don’t Have A Printer?

Not a worry, usually you will be able to find a friend with a printer or use a work/library printer. But if not, I recommend just sending them via your smartphone and playing like that.

The Full Eurovision Party Pack

Now why stop at the bingo cards? These Eurovision bingo cards are also included in our FULL Eurovision party pack which you can check out here…


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Eurovision 2024 Party Bundle Pack | Eurovision Bingo Cards, Printable Bunting, Quiz, Score Sheets, Drinking Games, co*cktail Recipes and More!

Sale Price:£11.99 Original Price:£15.99

Celebrate Eurovision 2024 in style with the ONLY Eurovision party pack online that includes Eurovision drink and co*cktail recipes you can make at home! Eurovision flag bunting, Eurovision Drinking games, Score Cards and of course, the best Eurovision Bingo Cards made specifically for 2024.


  • 6 Eurovision Bingo Cards unique for 2024

  • The Ultimate Eurovision Quiz

  • The Eurovision Drinking Game

  • Eurovision Themed co*cktail Recipes

  • Eurovision Themed Flag Shot Recipes

  • Blank Score Sheets

  • Printable Flag Bunting and Decor perfect for decorating an entire home on a budget.

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Weeno Social is your one stop shop for all things party planning. Here at Weeno Social We Know Social: Events, Gatherings, and Parties. Our mission is to provide you with everything you need for any event or celebration. Be it decorations, gift giving or what to wear.


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Eurovision Drinking Games and Recipes

Eurovision Bingo Cards 2024

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Eurovision Bingo Cards 2024 — Weeno Social | Party Planning Made Easy (2024)


How to plan an Eurovision party? ›

Tips for throwing the ultimate Eurovision party
  1. Put together a guestlist and send out themed invites. ...
  2. Plan a Eurovision-themed menu. ...
  3. Stock your Eurovision bar: co*cktails, mocktails and more. ...
  4. Organise outfits for hosts and guests. ...
  5. Think of some game ideas. ...
  6. Put up the party decorations. ...
  7. Create a Eurovision playlist.

How many squares do you need for a bingo card? ›

A standard bingo card contains 25 squares with 5 rows and 5 columns. The columns are labeled B, I, N, G, O in that order. The numbers are filled from the top to the bottom of a column, beginning with 1 in the B column.

How do I host an Eurovision watch party? ›

How to throw a Eurovision watch party
  1. INTERNATIONAL DECORATION. Turn your lounge, kitchen or dining room into a fusion of international decor, complete with flag bunting, balloons and napkins to represent the different finalists. ...
Apr 11, 2024

What happens at the Eurovision party? ›

Each year, artists from all around Europe appear at our press event and concert to promote their song before the contest in May. We provide an exclusive, high-end and unique environment for Eurovision acts to perform and socialise with one another — often for the first time!

What does 69 mean in bingo? ›

66 – Clickety click. 67 – Stairway to heaven. 68 – Saving Grace. 69 – Favourite of mine.

How do you arrange bingo cards? ›

Each BINGO card has 5 rows and 5 columns thus providing 25 spaces. The columns are labeled from left to right with the letters: 'B', 'I', 'N', 'G', 'O'. With one exception (the center space is "free") the spaces in the card are assigned values as follows: Each space in the 'B' column contains a number from 1 - 15.

What is the layout of a bingo card? ›

75-ball bingo cards. Players use cards that feature five columns of five squares each, with every square containing a number (except the middle square, which is designated a "FREE" space). The columns are labeled "B" (numbers 1–15), "I" (numbers 16–30), "N" (numbers 31–45), "G" (numbers 46–60), and "O" (numbers 61–75).

How to make Eurovision fun at home? ›

Get your friends together for a Eurovision mocktail or co*cktail-making party and enjoy each others' creations whilst watching the main event (perhaps even score each other's drinks like they do in the contest).

How to do an Eurovision sweepstake? ›

Not sure how to perform a Eurovision Sweepstake? No worries, we've included some handy instructions too. Simply put, each person that is joining the sweepstake picks a country at random. They can then Fly the Flag for their sweepstake country and cheer them on in hope that their act wins the most points.

How many people can be on stage during Eurovision? ›

Each performance may consist of a maximum of six artists on stage. No live animals shall be allowed on stage. All Contestants and artists competing in a Semi-Final must be aged at least 16 on the day of the Final.

How much does it cost to stage Eurovision? ›

Competing nations pay a rumoured combined figure of roughly €5 million. The total cost to British broadcaster BBC for staging the event could run to €18 million.


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