Eurovision 2024: Ireland’s entrant Bambie Thug secures place in grand final (2024)

Bambie Thug will compete in the grand final of the 68th Eurovision song contest after securing a place in the top 10 countries after tonight’s first semi final in Malmo.

This marks Ireland’s first time in the final since 2018.

Tonight’s show kicked off against a backdrop of political tension and with large demonstrations planned to coincide with the event.

Catch up on the news, views and reaction on our Eurovision 2024 blog below.

Seoirse Mulgrew

Lads, thank you so much for sticking with us for the duration of this evening. We did it. It took us six years, but we finally did it. Thank you Bambie Thug and the good people of Macroom!! Here's to Saturday.

Seoirse Mulgrew

Seoirse Mulgrew

The other acts to make it through to the Grand Final were Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Ukraine, Finland, Portugal, Luxembourg and Lithuania.

Seoirse Mulgrew


Seoirse Mulgrew

Lads, I nearly didn't survive that last montage. But here we are, the results are finally upon us... And as backstage meets front of house, and all the tricolors wave, we have to – wait for a further word from the lovely Martin. We have a valid result!

Seoirse Mulgrew

This interval fellah in his shirtless three-piece white number is really very lovely 'n all but I'm hankering for some results at this juncture.

I mean, it's still going ... To keep you going, here's some more Bambie Thug love.

Eurovision 2024: Ireland’s entrant Bambie Thug secures place in grand final (4)

Dr. Z 🇵🇱 on Twitter / X

#Eurovision2024— Dr. Z 🇵🇱 (@stopnwo33) May 7, 2024

Seoirse Mulgrew

Have to say Petra has certainly been doing the heavy lifting in the presenting stakes this evening. And if you're wondering what that notification noise she was reacting to; again, if you know you know ;-)

Seoirse Mulgrew

Some of the supporters had come dressed in outfits inspired by Bambie.

Erin Russell arrived in a gothic dress while fan Michael Foley arrived in a black corset and had some of Bambie Thug's tattoo's on their body.

The pair had travelled from Bambie Thug's hometown of Macroom. "They killed it," he said. "They absolutely represented."

Seoirse Mulgrew

“Bambie is a breath of fresh air.” Stephen Carlisle from Co Down and works for Eurovision fan channel Eurovision 365 believes Bambie will change Irish attitudes to Eurovision.

“I think they could change perceptions of Eurovision. In Ireland some artists are scared off Eurovision because it was seen as a career killer whereas they have shown it is something to actively embrace. They could do to Irish Eurovision what Sam Ryder did for the UK," he said.

Seoirse Mulgrew

Seoirse Mulgrew

Ireland hasn't progressed past the semi-final stage since 2018 ... is that about to change?!

Seoirse Mulgrew

The Irish act Bambie Thug has garnered praise from previous contestants.

1981 Eurovision winner with Bucks Fizz Cheryl Baker said: "I think they will be in the top three in the final and I think they can win it!" they told Heart Bingo.

"The song is so weird, it's so dark but then transforms into what I would describe as a typical Irish song."

Seoirse Mulgrew

Logan (69) had a full orchestra as he opted to make the lyrics more emotional and was greeted by applause from the audience.

Seoirse Mulgrew

But before the results, we have – as Petra Mede puts it – "his Royal Highness" Johnny Logan celebrating his inspirational double win, in 1980 and 1987.

Instead of him singing a mashup of his songs, he's singing Loreen's Euphoria. I might have had a shandie this evening, but I'm sure you'll agree anyone watching will see how beautiful it is.

It's the enduring spirit of Eurovision in a nutshell.

Seoirse Mulgrew

And, our final song for this first semi-final, comes from Luxembourg. Her name is Tali, the song is Fighter.

In summary, 2008 wants its song back. TO THE VOTING!

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Eurovision 2024: Ireland’s entrant Bambie Thug secures place in grand final (2024)


Eurovision 2024: Ireland’s entrant Bambie Thug secures place in grand final? ›

Taoiseach Simon Harris congratulated Bambie Thug for a “stunning performance and tour de force at Eurovision 2024”. The Eurovision Song Contest was 'Bambie Thug's night' in Irish eyes, the Taoiseach had insisted. The “ouji pop” star secured a sixth place finish in Ireland's first Eurovision grand final since 2018.

Where did Ireland finish in Eurovision 2024? ›

Switzerland's Nemo was crowned the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 winner following an eventful day in Malmö, Sweden, while Ireland's Bambie Thug finished sixth place.

Did Ireland give Israel 10 points? ›

While Ireland's jury vote gave 12 points to Switzerland (the winning song of the contest), 10 points to Sweden and none to Israel, the vote from the Irish public gave 12 points to Croatia and 10 to Israel.

Who's singing for Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024? ›

Ireland participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö, Sweden, with "Doomsday Blue" performed by Bambie Thug. The Irish broadcaster, RTÉ, organised the national final Eurosong 2024 in order to select the Irish entry for the contest.

Where did Bambie Thug come in Eurovision? ›

Bambie Thug, in sixth place with Doomsday Blue, received a total of 278 points from the combined jury and public vote, which is the best Eurovision result for Ireland in 24 years, equalling our final position in 2000.

What did Bambie Thug shout? ›

At the end of their dramatic performance on Saturday night Bambie declared: "Love will always triumph hate." Watch: Bambie Thug performs Doomsday Blue during the Eurovision Grand Final.

What does Palestine have to do with Ireland? ›

Ireland–Palestine relations are the bilateral and historical relations between Ireland and the State of Palestine. In 2000, Ireland established a representative office in Ramallah and Palestine has a representative office in Dublin. Both countries are members of the Union for the Mediterranean.

Why did Ireland give up the 6 counties? ›

When Northern Ireland was formed in 1920, it was decided, partly because of where Catholic and Protestant populations lived, to only include six of the nine counties of Ulster within the new state. Thus, the remaining three counties eventually formed part of the Irish Free State.

Why did Israel get so many points on Eurovision? ›

After months of calls for Israel to be banned from the international song contest, voters in 14 different countries — out of 37 that were eligible to vote — plus those in all non-participating nations as a group, handed the most possible points, 12, to the Jewish state.

Did Bambi Thug qualify for Eurovision? ›

Ireland has broken its Eurovision "curse", qualifying for the contest's grand final for the first time since 2018. Appropriately enough, it did so with the help of a "goth gremlin goblin witch” - aka singer Bambie Thug, whose electro-metal anthem Doomsday Blue is now among the favourites to win.

Who did Ireland give 12 points to in 2024? ›

Ireland's jury vote was quite different to the Irish public's choices. Last night, the Irish jury award 12 points to Nemo for Switzerland. Next, Ireland's 10 points went to the Eurovision hosts, Sweden. Their entry, Unforgettable by identical twins Marcus and Martinus came in 9th place overall.

Who are the seven Irish winners of Eurovision? ›

Irish winners over the years include Dana, Johnny Logan (twice), Linda Martin, Niamh Kavanagh, Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan, and Eimear Quinn.

What were the Eurovision results in 2024? ›

The winner was Switzerland with the song "The Code", performed by Nemo and written by them along with Benjamin Alasu, Lasse Midtsian Nymann, and Linda Dale. Switzerland won the combined vote and jury vote, and placed fifth in the televote.

Who came last in Eurovision 2024? ›

Norway finished last with 16 points. The U.K. entry “Dizzy” by Ollie Alexander, did not fare well with the juries, receiving 46 points, but completely failed with the public, being the only nation to receive zero points from viewers voting by telephone, website, SMS and the Eurovision app.

What were the scores in Eurovision 2024? ›

2024 Eurovision results
21 more rows
3 days ago

Who was last in Eurovision 2024? ›

Croatia, which led the public vote, came second with the raucous party anthem Rim Tim Tagi Dim, while the UK's Olly Alexander was consigned to 18th place, out of 25. The Years and Years singer received the dreaded "nul points" from the public, but was saved from last place by the jury vote.


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