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Good Doublelist Personals Alternative What is Doublelist: Is It The Next Big Thing After Craigslist? Brief Overview and History of Double List How Does Doublelist Compare to Craigslist? User Demographics How I Reviewed Doublelist My Approach and Methodology Time Spent on the Platform Interactions and Engagement Metrics Pricing and Accessibility. Do Doublelist Charges Now? Cost of using Doublelist. Doublelist Subscription Features accessible for free Messaging: Is it free or paid? Navigating the User Experience on Doublelist The Interface: Modern or Dated? Sign-Up Process and Forced Phone Verification Creating an Attractive Doublelist Account Making Effective Posts Efficiently Searching the Site Doublelist Messages: Tips and Tricks Guide to Deleting Your Account Is Doublelist Safe? Safety, Privacy, and Authenticity Scams on Doublelist: What to Watch Out For A Deep Dive into Privacy & Security Features The Truth About Bots on Doublelist Addressing Common Concerns: Email Sharing and Data Protection The Doublelist App Mobile Experience Is There a Dedicated App? Features and Usability Mobile Browser Experience vs. App My Personal Experience on Doublelist Doublelist Stories: What Online Reviews Are Saying The Potential of Hooking Up: The Real Chances Doublelist Alternatives DoULike KinkyAds.org Adult Friend Finder Passion.com Ashley Madison Locanto Bedpage Most Popular Doublelist Cities >> Make Connections Online with These Dating and Personal Ads Websites Final Thoughts: The Verdict on Doublelist in 2024 Strengths and Weaknesses Recapped Who Should Use Doublelist? My Recommendation Is Doublelist Legit? Frequently Asked Questions: Double list Uncovered 1. What is Doublelist? 2. What happened to the Doublelist? 3. What cities is Doublelist in? 4. How to see my messages? 5. Communicating: Are there chat rooms? Can you send messages for free? 6. How to change the email? 7. How to see ads? 8. Can you post sexual ads? 9. How long will the Doublelist account be on hold? 10. How often can you renew? 11. How to ask for a message? 12. How effective is Doublelist? 13. How to change the username? 14. How to join a Doublelist with a new email, but the same phone number? 15. How to bump your post? 16. My Post Was Flagged 17. How to reply? 18. What does Doublelist do with my phone number? 19. How to Unlink Phone Number 20. How to delete your post history? 21. If someone replies, but doesn’t include an email, how do you reply? 22. How to Cancel and Other Common Concerns 23. How to recover an account? 24. How do I renew my Doublelist ad? 25. Common Misspellings of Doublelist and How to Avoid Them References

Table of Contents

Last updated on May 30th, 2024 at 07:11 pm

So many people say that there are plenty of fish in the sea. Whenever you break up with your partner or feel lonely, that’s all you can hear. Yet, I found that popular social media platforms no longer serve a socializing purpose.

You might’ve turned to Craigslist in the past, sure. You could find countless individuals looking for connections there. Nowadays, though, the website has updated its rules, and no one can post personal dating ads there. Fortunately, I found new websites on the net with a similar goal. For example, you can try signing up on the Doublelist website and find like-minded people there.

Be it for dating or quick one-night stands, I realized that Doublelist suits almost any purpose. Now, let’s compare it to the other classics. We will see what features it boasts and conclude if it’s the new, updated version of online dating.

Good Doublelist Personals Alternative

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What is Doublelist: Is It The Next Big Thing After Craigslist?

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Doublelist doesn’t require any kind of introduction if you’ve ever dated online before. Generally, it’s well-known for being a new platform with countless possibilities. But is it better than Craigslist? We can find out together.

Brief Overview and History of Double List

When I first stumbled upon the Doublelist hookup service, I was interested in the founder’s motivations. The website was opened in 2018, and it names itself as the number one in accessibility, tolerance, and inclusion. Apparently, this non-judgmental and sexually free site has about 3 million users from the US. The founder wanted to create a perfectly safe environment for those hoping to explore their wild side!

As much as I can see how safe and effective this approach is trying to be, it’s also pretty hard for the BDSM community or hardcore kinksters to post ads there. The platform users developed their own code language to trick the rules.

How Does Doublelist Compare to Craigslist?

Since many users realized they had to abandon Craigslist, they moved on to Doublelist. But is it even similar? Well, even before I created an account and started using the website, I’ve already seen Doublelist ads comparing the two platforms. In fact, the latter seemed to advertise being almost the same heavily. It’s true, and you can see how inspired the new one was by Craigslist, especially in the beginning.

The website started as minimalistic, with only headers and ads filling the screen. Nowadays, though, it has developed its own style and lets the users add pictures to the adverts and make the visuals of their profiles more interesting.

User Demographics

Since the Doublelist personal services have been advertised to everyone who was once on Craigslist, it’s evident that the user base is mostly the same, too. You can mostly find individuals from 20 to 50 years old, but it’s not limited to that age gap. For example, there are young women looking to hook up with men as young as 20 and as old as 70 years old.

Although the platform boasts about being available in 248 locations, the most popular regions include London, San Diego, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Los Angeles, and many more. As you would expect from dating, the bigger the city, the merrier is the choice.

As for the interests, the list also varies. I’ve seen men, women, and trans people simply looking for friends. Some also want to date without hooking up. Of course, most people are there for sex. I’ve noticed a trend for watching unicorns (a third), simple hookups, and friends with benefits.

How I Reviewed Doublelist

Whenever I decide to review a new service, I devise a unique strategy and act on it throughout the testing cycle. With Doublelist, too, I had to think about every step carefully – I think every service deserves a fair chance, and I wasn’t about to neglect everything this website presents its customers.

My Approach and Methodology

I knew I had to create one of the best dating accounts to test this platform fairly. After all, I needed the most engagement for good results. Moreover, I was curious to see how well it works myself. I used the ability to set photos on my personal profile and attach them to the listing. The text I pasted was well-written and worked perfectly on other dating apps and platforms. I also did my best to select suitable listings from others and message them immediately.

Time Spent on the Platform

After reading user reviews, I realized a few days wouldn’t be enough on Doublelist. Thus, I dedicated an entire week to responding to different dating ads, continuing to interact, and striking up conversations with various people online. Instead of being logged in all day, I tried to go through new information two or three times a day. As for responses, I replied whenever the messages came in.

Interactions and Engagement Metrics

As someone wanting to start using Doublelist, you must wonder how well my experience went. Throughout the week, I noticed I got many more responses from men than women or trans folks. That might’ve been because men are the majority of Doublelist, just like any other dating app or website. Whenever I responded, they would text back almost immediately.

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t receive attention from women. I’d say they would reply every day, and I had a few meaningful conversations. Two users even wanted to exchange nude pictures right away.

That said, none of my dialogues translated into real-life meetings. Unfortunately, a week was too little to see anyone in person.

Pricing and Accessibility. Do Doublelist Charges Now?

Surely enough, people who crave high-quality dating know that many services have additional fees. Some ask for a paid membership, while others charge for presents, messages, and other meaningful interactions. How does Doublelist compare to various dating platforms online?

Cost of using Doublelist.

In 2018, when Doublelist just opened, the services provided were utterly free of charge. Yet, as more people signed up to find like-minded individuals, the founders might’ve realized they could start charging users. So, no, Doublelist is not free anymore. The first website charges begin at $5, but now you can choose various subscription options, which we will discuss more below.

Doublelist Subscription

As I’ve already stated, Doublelist now requires a subscription. Otherwise, you can’t use the services, as the website will block your tries with a dedicated web page.

There are two subscriptions available to upgrade personal accounts. One of them, called “Hookup” costs $10 a month and allows blocking ads, filtering posts by age and location, writing 6 live posts, sending 30 messages a day, and viewing 250 pages daily.

The “Hardcore” option, on the other hand, requires $20 a month. At the same time, there are more opportunities than with the “Hookup” subscription. You get 10 live posts, unlimited message sends, and unlimited daily views. That’s how the Doublelist upgrade works in 2024.

Features accessible for free

In case you’ve been asking yourself, “Is doublelist no longer free?” I have an answer for you. As someone who’s used the website for a week and tested it deep and wide, I can surely tell you there are almost no free features left there. You must purchase one of the subscription options to access the website. Then, you can optimize and change your personal account and receive messages for free.

Messaging: Is it free or paid?

Unfortunately, the same goes for messaging. As I’ve already stated before, each Doublelist subscription option grants you several messages you can send out. For $10 a month, you’ll be limited to 30 messages a day. For $20, you can send out as many messages a day as you desire.

Navigating the User Experience on Doublelist

We went over the pricing in the previous part. But that’s not the most critical aspect of online dating. I think that user experience and the website’s design usually determine how popular it will become. Given that it looks terrible and works even worse, no one will ever want to continue paying for a subscription. So, does Doublelist actually work?

The Interface: Modern or Dated?

Upon my first glance at this platform, I was genuinely surprised. Obviously, I was expecting an obvious copy of the original version of this website – Craigslist. While it’s pretty similar, with the interface mimicking the old one, there’s a clear line drawn between the two. You can tell that the website founders and developers thought about stepping away from the copycat role and coming up with something new.

I could choose my city on the branded Doublelist platform, then click on the community I want to explore (like men for men, men for women, etc.). There, I saw a list of personal adverts. The design itself is pretty minimalistic, although it now features adding photos to the listings and personal profiles. In my opinion, the interface is a perfect balance between modern and dated, letting all generations fuse and enjoy a mix of different ages.

Sign-Up Process and Forced Phone Verification

The platform sign-up process is pretty easy in itself and similar to other apps, dating or not. You have to put in your name and email and come up with a good password and nickname. Afterward, all users must confirm their email address before signing up.

But the changes didn’t touch on the interface only. The practical use of the website changed with the years, too. Previously, you could use any number registered in the location you want to explore. Now, though, I signed up and found that Doublelist phone verification is required, and you can only use real mobile or landline numbers. VoIP numbers don’t pass the phone verification process.

After verifying my actual mobile number, I could choose the subscription and use the services at last. There’s an option not to verify your mobile number. Sadly, you won’t be able to use the services, and you’ll be redirected to a new page. Doublelist will recommend you a few other dating websites you can use without providing your phone number.

Creating an Attractive Doublelist Account

As much as I was excited to scroll through the list of advertisem*nts posted on the website, I knew that creating a good account would serve me better. To be honest, I’d rather receive messages more than write them myself. In addition, this aspect also made my research more based and fairer.

It was hard to choose only one photo to use on my account, but I decided on a portrait photo a friend took of me on our last vacation. Your photo shouldn’t be too professional since I feel like that scares people away. But if you hope to showcase your dominant persona, go for it! I was, on the other hand, targeting casual interactions and quick hookups.

For my bio, I used what usually worked on other platforms. I only changed my hobbies to my preferences and made it a tad racier (yet still appropriate for Doublelist). My information was clear and easy to understand.

Making Effective Posts

The dating scene doesn’t end with creating your profile, even though it’s one of the most essential aspects. Your Doublelist ads are where the magic really starts. Depending on the quality of your post, you’ll be able to either scare everyone off or let your dedication shine through! That’s precisely why I knew I had to work on the things I write about, no doubt.

Just like with the personal profile bio, the clearness and clarity of your post is important. At the same time, your personality should show, otherwise, you’ll appear boring and unattractive. I’ve seen a few of those ads I didn’t want to click on because they lacked inspiration and soul. So, don’t just put a prompt into ChatGPT and hope for the best.

Explain what you want to do and what your goal is. Make sure to post in a dedicated section and target the right audience. Be direct with your intentions, as long as they can be revealed on Doublelist. Attach your photo to make the process quicker and make the post more personalized.

Efficiently Searching the Site

Overall, I noticed that the website is pretty quick and efficient to use. For example, there are a lot of categories you can choose to click on, and they will take you to dedicated advertisem*nts by like-minded users or even fan-written stories. They include Connect Now, Let’s Date, and Fun Stuff.

The former two will lead you to user posts, Couples for Him and Women for Women or Platonic and Dating misc. While the ads are pretty subtle – as the platform requires – you can tell that every user tries to make high-quality content to find someone they find attractive. I also noticed that some use abbreviations to make the search easier. Let’s take m4m as an example – it basically means male for male. You could also find FTM, meaning “female to male” or a trans man.

The latter, Fun stuff, will open up a whole new world of content! In that category, users can explore sexual education posts, enjoy quizzes, read user-submitted stories, and more. I also learned a lot of personal ad abbreviations and special language through the Common Lingo category. Did you know that a Furry is a person who’s interested in cartoon or anthropomorphic animals?

Doublelist Messages: Tips and Tricks

I didn’t see any problems with messaging on the platform. The process is pretty straightforward if you’re wondering how to check messages on Doublelist. First, you can access the messages through the dedicated message tab on your profile. Secondly, you’ll receive an email notification every time someone messages you.

Be aware: the website members will receive your email address when you message them so you can chat through email later.

You can attach photos to your introductory message, so use this feature as you please.

Guide to Deleting Your Account

The day when I had to quit Doublelist came, and I was ready to delete my account. Any other user who decided to explore and realized it’s not for them is also free to delete their account. After all, why’d you pay for a subscription you no longer use? That’s how you delete a Doublelist account:

  1. Log into your account on the website.
  2. At the top right corner of the webpage, you’ll find a settings tab. Click on it.
  3. If you go to the bottom of the page, you’ll see a button that says, “Delete Account.”
  4. After you click the “Delete Account,” you must press yes to confirm your choice.
  5. Then, you’ll have to enter your password to verify your personality.
  6. Congratulations! Your account is deleted, and all your personal information is no longer on the website.

Is Doublelist Safe? Safety, Privacy, and Authenticity

Privacy is incredibly important on any dating website. You wouldn’t want to find your information leaked out on the internet, especially from websites like Doublelist. You might not just be looking for friends there, and that sensitive data should stay on the website to not compromise your security. Let’s see how the website handles safety and how you should avoid possible scams.

Scams on Doublelist: What to Watch Out For

Despite being heavily moderated and safe for the users, advanced scammers and fakes are still on the platform. You must be very careful about what you do and how you interact with others, given that not all of them are real and crave genuine connection.

These scams include posts that lead to the users begging for money. Some ask for a PayPal transfer, and others request gift cards. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a particular service or just beggars. This is an unacceptable situation. Either way, Doublelist prohibits any financial transactions through the platform.

A Deep Dive into Privacy & Security Features

I haven’t been asked for any money on the platform or outside of it, but I also haven’t met anyone in person. So, I can’t confidently say fewer scammers are on the platform. Anyways, you’ll have to be aware of the fact that people will try to guilt you into donating money. Don’t send any untraceable transactions to Doublelist users! If you regret it later, the platform does not take responsibility for your actions. Moreover, you might be banned from the website.

The website also boasts some catfishes. You could see obvious ones, like individuals taking advantage of celebrity photos. Others will try to steal pictures off the internet. If you’re unsure about your new match, ask them for a specific image to verify they’re real. For example, request them to do a peace sign, pose in a certain way, or hold an object of your choice.

It goes without saying, but don’t share your personal information with new connections, avoid giving out your professional work number and email or telling them where you live.

The Truth About Bots on Doublelist

Throughout my Doublelist journey, I didn’t encounter any bots. Other users I communicated with, though, and my older research showed that more bots were present on the platform. They used to post dodgy links and weird p*rn advertisem*nts. I’m guessing that the lengthy verification process genuinely helped with the bot issue. No one will spend time registering spam bots with real mobile phones.

Addressing Common Concerns: Email Sharing and Data Protection

Since you have to share your email and phone number with various users to communicate outside the app, there’s a chance that your private information will be leaked online. Some people are truly weird, and they might try to contact your family or workplace and share your advertisem*nts from the website. It is possible with any other hookup or dating site, too. So, if you value your privacy, use a spare phone and email for new connections through Doublelist.

As for the website itself, the data is encrypted and protected from any hackers and malware, so you don’t have to worry about that. Just ensure you’re not joining any groups on social platforms outside Doublelist.

The Doublelist App Mobile Experience

There’s such a vast choice of applications for dating nowadays that it’s hard to choose one. They’re more convenient and easily accessible from any smartphone. Well, if you’re wondering if a dedicated Doublelist dating app also exists, there’s an easy answer for you!

Is There a Dedicated App? Features and Usability

Anyone looking for a convenient way to use Doublelist on the go and not just worry about being glued to your PC screen can sigh in relief. Yes, indeed, the Doublelist dating app exists! And I also downloaded it to test the general user experience. The app has been available since October 2021 and is only available on Android. So, sorry, iOS users, you’ll have to open the website through the usual mobile web browser.

I can’t add much to my general feedback as the application completely mimics the usual website already provided to the users. You can do everything you already do on the website from your computer and laptop, including posting and viewing adverts, messaging, reading educational posts, etc. The number of possibilities depends on the subscription you choose.

The app is free to download even if the service requires a subscription. Also, it’s not being updated – the last app date happened in October 2021 when it came out. I didn’t encounter any bugs or issues, but I can’t say it works perfectly for other users.

Mobile Browser Experience vs. App

If you plan to use the hookup services on iOS, you must continue exploring the good old browser version. Don’t fret, though, as that’s how other community members would deal with social interactions before the dedicated app came out.

While using it through the web browser, I didn’t find it inconvenient at all. While the app is clearly designed better, the mobile browser experience was excellent to use. I could log in, review and change my profile bio, scroll through the ads and view them, message people, and reply to messages.

My Personal Experience on Doublelist

All in all, I liked the website and the app. They were effortless to navigate and straightforward in nature; as a user who isn’t very tech savvy, I’d rate it as extremely simple to understand and perfect for hookups. I would recommend it to people who don’t like the general swiping approach of dating apps. Since it mimics Craigslist, the interface is a bit old school and made me feel slightly nostalgic. Yet, it’s still modern enough not to get boring.

I didn’t get to interact a lot. Out of dozens of messages sent out, I only got around nine replies. On the other hand, people also messaged me. I managed to have pleasant conversations and exchange personal photos. In the end, I didn’t meet anyone in person after a week of using the Doublelist website.

Doublelist Stories: What Online Reviews Are Saying

The reviews of the website and app are primarily positive, even though you can find negative feedback on various forums. On Trustpilot, it garnered 4.3 stars, while Sitejabber gave it 4.44 stars. That said, many old users were upset that the founders decided to charge for subscriptions. On Reddit, you can find whole posts dedicated to the change.

Otherwise, feedback websites are full of sentiments like:

  • mostly open and unedited;
  • awesome men;
  • well-designed site;
  • easy features;
  • lots to choose from;
  • reminds me of Craigslist;
  • lots of women.

Unfortunately, some comments say that moderators have double standards, and a few users have been experiencing messaging issues. The list of cities provided seems very short for a couple of people using the service.

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2024 Doublelist Review, Alternatives, Experience - DoULike Blog (12)
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The Potential of Hooking Up: The Real Chances

You can’t tell how effective one or the other service is regarding hooking up and dating. For example, many couples on Tinder say they’ve had long-term romantic relationships. Yet, many individuals stay lonely even after using the app for years.

When it comes to Doublelist, your chances are pretty high, especially if you live in a big city or travel around a lot. A few of my interactions led up to real dates, and have I given them more time, I’d have a chance of hooking up in my town. As you can see, many users have to say the same thing. Additionally, many had plenty of positive dating experiences through Doublelist, and others found terrific friendships.

Doublelist Alternatives

So what other websites like Doublelist are out there and why should you use them?

Maybe you don’t want to be geographically limited or you want to reach as many people as possible to increase your chances. If so, it would benefit you to sign up with a few other personals sites as well.

And if you’d rather see photos of the users you talk to or you want a more serious relationship, you might want to consider a dating site instead. It all depends on your preferences, so read on to find out. I’ve added the best sites, like Doublelist, and categorized them by quality and benefits.


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DoULike is a dating site for singles looking for local matches. It caters to adults of all ages, including seniors.

When you create a profile, you can filter users by your preferred location, so finding a local date is easy. Simply browse profiles and click the heart button if you’re interested in someone. If they like you back, you have a match.

The site focuses more on messaging and communication over questionnaires, so you don’t have to spend a long time filling out questions. Plus, 80 percent of the profiles on the site are verified so there are fewer scammers and fake profiles floating around.


2024 Doublelist Review, Alternatives, Experience - DoULike Blog (15)

If you have been looking for a free dating site that features ads of sexual and casual nature all at once, the kinkyads.org dating site might be a great choice for you! There are plenty of people who post personal ads at KinkyAds for free and many consider it to be the best free dating site too! Curious to know what KinkyAds.org is?

KinkyAds is a dating site meant to help you find local casual encounters. With KinkyAds things are quite straightforward. You browse through the personal ads listed by other people and you get in contact with people who catch your eye. Another way to use KinkyAds.org is to also create your own personal ads and hope someone notices you!

In order to create your personal ads at KinkyAds, make sure to create an account and set up your profile.

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Adult Friend Finder

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Similar to Doublelist, Adult Friend Finder is a site for adults posting personal ads. This site focuses more on users that are looking for casual sex or relationships without strings attached.

Many old users of the Craigslist personals section moved to Adult Friend Finder after it closed down.

The site also deals in adult entertainment and has a huge member base. It has features like cam-to-cam video chats, forums, and personal blogs to explore.

Although labeled as a dating site, Adult Friend Finder is more about casual hookups either online or in person. It also doesn’t have a data-driven matching system so it can be somewhat tough to filter matches.


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The slogan for Passion.com is “Sexy Personals for Passionate Singles”, which says a lot about what they offer. This is a personals site, not exactly a dating site, and the target user base is people looking for casual hookups.

There are both free and paid options on the site. It has features for users that want to hook up in person or online via a cyber medium like chat or webcam.

The site boasts over 100,000 members and over 150,000 unique user-uploaded pictures. Unlike some sites that restrict what you can and cannot show in your pictures, Passion is all about showing off. Because of the adult content, only those 18+ or older can create accounts.

Ashley Madison

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Unlike dating sites that cater to singles looking for singles, Ashley Madison’s target audience is people that are married or in relationships. The site offers a way for unhappy couples to find passion again, both men and women alike.

Their slogan is “Life is short. Have an affair.’’

Pictures and messages can be as innocent or as naughty as you want them to be. Because physical attraction is so important on this site, sexy photos are encouraged. And for those worried about getting caught, there are also privacy options you can select for more discretion.

The site is definitely more for those looking for a thrill or a short-term relationship versus a long-term fling. And most users are looking for intimacy and sexual encounters more than dates.


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Locanto is a Doublelist alternative that’s been around as long as Craigslist. It’s another personals site for people looking for dates or casual encounters. Again, you search by city so you can easily find people in your area.

There are different categories to choose from depending on what you’re looking for (men looking for women, fetish, etc.)

Ads show you the user’s location and also include other information like their age and what they’re looking for. You can also include a photo in your ad, so you can see who you’re messaging before you click send.


2024 Doublelist Review, Alternatives, Experience - DoULike Blog (20)

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Bedpage is very similar to Craigslist and acts much the same as Doublelist. One plus is the verification process, which although time-consuming does reduce fake profiles. It also discourages users involved in illegal activity from using the site.

Bedpage markets itself as the new Backpage, a classified ads site popular for its escort services.

It features a lot of cities from all over the world so it’s easy to find an area close to you. All listings have to be verified before being posted, reducing the chances of spam or fake ads. It’s free to post on the site, but users do have to pay a small fee before ads go live.

Most Popular Doublelist Cities >>

  • Doublelist Abilene
  • Doublelist Akron
  • Doublelist Albany
  • Doublelist Albuquerque
  • Doublelist Allentown
  • Doublelist Amarillo
  • Doublelist Anchorage
  • Doublelist Asheville
  • Doublelist Athens
  • Doublelist Augusta
  • Doublelist Austin
  • Doublelist Bakersfield
  • Doublelist Baltimore
  • Doublelist Baton Rouge
  • Doublelist Beaumont
  • Doublelist Billings
  • Doublelist Birmingham
  • Doublelist Boca Raton
  • Doublelist Boise
  • Doublelist Boston
  • Doublelist Buffalo
  • Doublelist Charleston
  • Doublelist Charlotte
  • Doublelist Chattanooga
  • Doublelist Chicago
  • Doublelist Cincinnati
  • Doublelist Clarksville
  • Doublelist Cleveland
  • Doublelist College Station
  • Doublelist Colorado Springs
  • Doublelist Columbia
  • Doublelist Columbus
  • Doublelist Corpus Christi
  • Doublelist Richmond
  • Doublelist Dallas
  • Doublelist Dayton
  • Doublelist Daytona Beach
  • Doublelist Denver
  • Doublelist Des Moines
  • Doublelist Detroit
  • Doublelist El Paso
  • Doublelist Erie
  • Doublelist Eugene
  • Doublelist Evansville
  • Doublelist Fargo
  • Doublelist Fayetteville
  • Doublelist Flint
  • Doublelist Fort Collins
  • Doublelist Fort Myers
  • Doublelist Fort Wayne
  • Doublelist Fort Worth
  • Doublelist Fredericksburg
  • Doublelist Fresno
  • Doublelist Gainesville
  • Doublelist Grand Rapids
  • Doublelist Green Bay
  • Doublelist Greensboro
  • Doublelist Greenville
  • Doublelist Harrisburg
  • Doublelist Hartford
  • Doublelist Houston
  • Doublelist Huntsville
  • Doublelist Indianapolis
  • Doublelist Jacksonville
  • Doublelist Kalamazoo
  • Doublelist Kansas City
  • Doublelist Killeen
  • Doublelist Knoxville
  • Doublelist Lake Charles
  • Doublelist Lakeland
  • Doublelist Lansing
  • Doublelist Laredo
  • Doublelist Las Vegas
  • Doublelist Lexington
  • Doublelist Lincoln
  • Doublelist Longview
  • Doublelist Los Angeles
  • Doublelist Louisville
  • Doublelist Lubbock
  • Doublelist Macon
  • Doublelist Madison
  • Doublelist Memphis
  • Doublelist Miami
  • Doublelist Midland
  • Doublelist Milwaukee
  • Doublelist Minneapolis
  • Doublelist Mobile
  • Doublelist Modesto
  • Doublelist Myrtle Beach
  • Doublelist Nashville
  • Doublelist New Hampshire
  • Doublelist New Haven
  • Doublelist New Orleans
  • Doublelist Norfolk
  • Doublelist Ocala
  • Doublelist Odessa
  • Doublelist Oklahoma City
  • Doublelist Orlando
  • Doublelist Panama City
  • Doublelist Pensacola
  • Doublelist Peoria
  • Doublelist Philadelphia
  • Doublelist Phoenix
  • Doublelist Pittsburgh
  • Doublelist Portland
  • Doublelist Pueblo
  • Doublelist Raleigh
  • Doublelist Reno
  • Doublelist Roanoke
  • Doublelist Rochester
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  • Doublelist San Diego
  • Doublelist San Francisco
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  • Doublelist Vancouver
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  • Doublelist Waco
  • Doublelist Washington Dc
  • Doublelist West Palm Beach
  • Doublelist Wichita Falls
  • Doublelist Wichita
  • Doublelist Wilmington
  • Doublelist Winston Salem
  • Doublelist Worcester
  • Doublelist Youngstown

Make Connections Online with These Dating and Personal Ads Websites

Personal ads and dating websites are convenient and easy ways to meet people online. Depending on what you’re looking for, there’s bound to be a dating site for your needs.

While still growing and adding to its list of features, Doublelist is a viable alternative to the old Craigslist personals. It also has sections for dating and long-term relationships if you’re looking for something more meaningful.

Online personals are more ad-based with posts being shorter. Dating websites are profile and message-based, meaning you have more room to describe what you’re looking for and more about you. Whether you’re looking for a short intimate encounter or a long-term relationship, there’s something on this list for everyone.

So give this site a try, and if you want to reach out to even more people consider trying these popular alternatives as well.

Final Thoughts: The Verdict on Doublelist in 2024

I’ve searched the internet far and wide, dove deep into the alternatives Doublelist websites and apps, created my own profile and listings, messaged people, and received messages. Alas, here are my final thoughts and opinions on Doublelist.

Strengths and Weaknesses Recapped

Doublelist has a lot of various pros and cons. For example, it boasts a simple interface, letting users have straightforward interactions without being tech-savvy. On the other hand, it mimics the Craigslist site, which can seem boring and unappealing to some.

The sign-up process is long and tedious, especially since you must use your real mobile number, but it helps prevent the flooding of bots and scammers.

You can meet anyone on the platform, and it’s very open to sexual expression and LGBTQ+ friendly. Yet, most users on the site are male and looking for female companions.

Who Should Use Doublelist? My Recommendation

Anyone looking for a quick hookup or a fun long-term sexual relationship should try Doublelist. While I personally couldn’t meet anyone, I feel like it’s possible with more time chatting.

There are users of different ages looking for an array of options, so you won’t feel lonely regardless of the fantasy you perceive. Whether you’re a man looking for another man, a woman looking for a couple, a cuck or a mistress, a trans person, or swing all ways, the website is open for your pleasure.

Is Doublelist Legit?

The platform is working and is full of real-life users you can chat with and meet in your city. While there are spam posts and irrelevant ads sometimes, most advertisem*nts on the website are legitimate. A lot of members state that they’ve found one-night stands and even long-term sexual and romantic partners there. So, Doublelist is a hundred percent legit service.

Frequently Asked Questions: Double list Uncovered

It’s understandable if you still have questions about Doublelist. There is no shame in being cautious about using dating platforms – they require a lot of thorough research. Here, you’ll find answers to the most popular questions about the website online.

1. What is Doublelist?

When Craigslist removed its ‘personals’ section, Doublelist.com came into the picture. It provided a dating platform to the users so that they can find the love of their life without any hassle. The website is completely secured and comes with great support.

2. What happened to the Doublelist?

As per reports, the website can be shut down for some periods of time, but as for now the site is up and is reachable for users.

3. What cities is Doublelist in?

‘Doublelist’ is operated in 248 cities in the U.S. Effective throughout the territory, works in most towns and cities around the USA and Canada. You can easily find your match as per your preferred location and city.

4. How to see my messages?

The website comes with a very clear and easy interface. To check your messages and to revert them, you just need to head on to the messages section and there you can see your chat and all messages.

5. Communicating: Are there chat rooms? Can you send messages for free?

Since Doublelist introduced subscriptions to the services, communication is no longer free. Your subscription comes with a certain number of messages available a day. Also, there are no chat rooms. After the first message, you move on to personal communication.

6. How to change the email?

You can quickly change and edit your profile by clicking on settings. Also, you can change your other details and even upload a new profile picture.

7. How to see ads?

With ‘Doublelist’, you can easily post an ad related to your query. Most of the ads are posted by real people, however, do check them for scams before proceeding.

8. Can you post sexual ads?

The website never encourages sexual activities that are against the wish of others. Also Users can report dating ads and website keeps an eye for users trying to sell sex. If you are intending to do any such thing, you can ask the other person before this, to be aware of their wishes.

9. How long will the Doublelist account be on hold?

Your account can be put on hold for a few weeks or a few months. In case you are facing any such issue, you can contact support or can check the help page for assistance.

10. How often can you renew?

The policy depends upon the package you have opted for. For the latest pricing and renewals, check the website or you can contact them. Also, there are plenty of offers available.

11. How to ask for a message?

To get in touch with the users that you like, just place your cursor on the profile photo and choose from the 2 main options: send a message, and chat if the person is online.

12. How effective is Doublelist?

Doublelist is a good choice when it comes to online dating. It is free to use and is certainly worth a mention, unlike most other free sex hookup websites. There are currently over 40 million users of Doublelist and to make it even better, most of the users are 30, up to 40 years of age.

13. How to change the username?

To change your username on Doublelist, the first thing you need to do is

1. Log in to your account and
2. Click on the ‘’Settings’’ tab in the right corner.
3. From here you will be able to navigate towards username change, as well as access the rest of the important information you might need.

14. How to join a Doublelist with a new email, but the same phone number?

Unfortunately, you cannot create a Doublelist account with a new email and use the same phone number as you do on your first account.

15. How to bump your post?

You can bump your Doublelist post by visiting the ‘’My posts’’ section on the website and clicking on the ‘’Renew’’ button next to your post. Remember, it has to pass a minimum of 48 hours after you have created the post if you want to bump it.

16. My Post Was Flagged

Doublelist has strict rules about who can use the services and what you can post online. Make sure that your post doesn’t contain nudity, misleading and vague information, financial proposals, and so on. Then, contact the support team to appeal.

17. How to reply?

To reply to messages in your inbox follow few steps:

  1. find the Messages page by clicking on the “Message” tab in the main menu.
  2. In the Messages section, you can see all your messages and chats. Choose the message you want to reply to.
  3. Write your message in the following tab. Click the button “Send”.

18. What does Doublelist do with my phone number?

The reason Doublelist requires your phone number is simple. It is required to ensure that you are a real human and not a bot. It also prevents limitless account generation and spammers/scammers.

19. How to Unlink Phone Number

Unlinking your phone number is easy. Just go to your profile and click on Settings. There, you will find a space with your phone number. Press Unlink Phone Number and confirm it. Your number will be removed from your account. Note that deleting your profile won’t unlink the number.

20. How to delete your post history?

In order to delete your post history on Doublelist you will have to:

  • head over to the ‘’My posts’’ tab
  • select the particular posts you want to delete
  • Click on the “Delete post” button.

21. If someone replies, but doesn’t include an email, how do you reply?

If a user replies without inserting an email you will still receive their message. Therefore you won’t be able to send them a reply. The Doublelist support team is currently working on fixing this issue.

22. How to Cancel and Other Common Concerns

Managing your account on the platform isn’t hard. Like I’ve already said, you can set any photo as your profile picture, as long as it doesn’t contain nudity or other sensitive material. There’s also a possibility to upgrade or downgrade your account subscription to a more suitable one. You can cancel your Doublelist subscription through the membership account or email the team at privacy@doublelist.com.

23. How to recover an account?

To recover your Doublelist account you will need to verify the email you have registered with, and the phone number you have used once more time. After verifying your account you can start using it again!

24. How do I renew my Doublelist ad?

You can renew/ re-post your original posts after 48hrs have elapsed since you posted it.

You can renew your Doublelist ad this way:

  1. Log in to your account and then visit the ‘’My posts’’ category.
  2. From here, you can check, edit and renew deleted or all of your previous posts. After 48hrs a ‘Renew’ button will appear next to your post.

25. Common Misspellings of Doublelist and How to Avoid Them

Surprisingly, many people have misspelled the website name a lot. I’ve seen variations like Doublelust, Doublelists, Doubllist, Doublist, and so many others! You have to remember that there are just two words in the name – “double” and “list” that you write together.

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